Provider Alert – Boil Water Advisory for City of Selah

**Clinical leadership is expected to schedule time to review guidelines with staff**


Provider Alert – Boil Water Advisory for City of Selah


Actions Requested

  • Screen patients for E. coli based on recent travel into or residence in City of Selah
  • Symptoms of E. coli infection include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea (often bloody), and vomiting. Some people may have a fever, which usually is not very high (less than 101˚F/38.5˚C).
  • Most people start feeling sick 3 to 4 days after eating or drinking something that contains the bacteria. However, illnesses can start anywhere from 1 to 10 days after exposure.
  • Report all cases of E. coli to the Yakima Health District fax line (509)-249-6628.


On December 8, 2021 it was confirmed by Washington State Department of Health and City of Selah that E. coli was detected in the public water system. As a result, WA DOH has placed City of Selah under a boil water advisory.  City of Selah and WA DOH are working to obtain samples throughout the City of Selah to further isolate the source of contamination. With the sampling strategy, it is anticipated that the boil water advisory may be lifted as soon as December 11, 2021 for areas that are found to not be contaminated water. When satisfactory results are reported, customers will be notified that the advisory has been lifted.