Month: August 2017

Free Immunization E-Course

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There Never Was an Age of Reason: Vaccines, Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making This e-course offers continuing education credits, is hosted by WithinReach and funded by Kaiser WA. Click here to register Objectives Describe the impact of modern vaccines on individual & public health. Identify factors other than hesitancy that contribute to under-immunization. Discuss Free Immunization E-Course

Health Advisory: Increase in Gonorrhea

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Actions Requested Be aware that gonorrhea is increasing, especially among people age 20 to 29. Take a sexual history and screen for gonorrhea and other STDs in all sexually active people, especially those at increased risk. Perform routine gonorrhea and chlamydia screening for all sexually active women under age 25, including screening multiple sites (cervix, Health Advisory: Increase in Gonorrhea


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In September 2012, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health announced a new form of coronavirus, since named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). So far all cases have been linked (by residence or travel) to countries in or near the Arabian Peninsula: Bahrain; Iraq; Iran; Israel, the West Bank and Gaza; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Oman; MERS-CoV